From Blueprint on Telegram:

I noticed patriots asking about our use of “delta” and wanted to provide some clarity. 

So, if Q had posted on April 7th of 2021, and that post was relevant to habbenings on today’s April 7th, we would call that a “1 year delta.” In this case, delta means time between a drop and future event or “proof” relative to that drop. This is also not limited to one year. There are months deltas, weeks deltas, days deltas, minute deltas, and zero deltas.

Regarding Q, a zero delta is when Q dropped and President Trump Tweeted at the same time and complimented each other’s coms with essentially zero time lapse between the drop and tweet.  This happened many times. So many, in fact, coincidence was mathematically eliminated. This remains one of the most significant and irrefutable proofs that the Q campaign was legit. 

If you have time, David Whitehead produced one of the most complete deep dives I have found into the dynamic coms, proofs, and deltas we witnessed and participated in during the Q campaign.