(don’t trust elon yeah yeah yeah, all that aside)

I’m just gonna make a comment as a former CEO (yeah of small companies), where I regularly had to deal with the reality of trying to run a business AND occasionally deal with shareholders who had different opinions about how things should be done.

My comment is this: When you have a powerful vocal shareholder throwing ideas like this “out there”… it can paralyze management constantly dealing with it.

How many wild curve balls has Elon stirred up lately that Twitter management is having to deal with? It kinda looks like he’s demonstrating his power to make their operations grind to a halt because I can assure you all these things make the CEOs phone & email go crazy having to deal with people that agree with every new idea Elon throws into the wind.

Twitter office to a homeless shelter

Open source the algorithms

Elon now largest shareholder

Elon now on board

Edit feature

maybe reverse censorship policies?

maybe let banned people back?

what else has he said lately? 👀

Like Twitter management will start quitting in despair if he keeps this up. 🤣

(my head would have exploded if I was trying to run a business and my largest shareholder was doing this to me)