General Flynn:

“Hey Elon, “have you considered that Twitter is blocking your offer because they are afraid you’d obtain documents proving they shadow ban and censor, which would contradict sworn testimony made before Congress?

This could be an Enron type scenario you’ve uncovered.”

Let’s get this to Elon. I want these bastards exposed for the corrupt smug arrogant thugs they are.”

Brian Cates:

Let me break this down, what happened today so you can understand why a deluge of lawsuits are about to descend on Twitter from it’s own shareholders: 

If I had 3,000 shares of Twitter and Elon was offering to buy them at $54 and I’d bought them at $24, I was looking a $90,000 profit and the board, who is supposed to be representing MY INTERESTS as a shareholder just EPICALLY SCREWED ME by denying me even a chance to vote for the deal. 


Money talks, bullshit walks.  

Twitters shareholders are not a bunch of raging Libtards.  These are INVESTORS.  It’s a different animal.

Jordan Sather:

“Elon would be able to see their shadow banning, the algorithms they use for fake trading pages, the amount of bots used to artifically inflate content, AND he would see all the backdoors that CIA.DARPA have to Twitter’s data.

Elon Musk gaining ownership over Twitter is something the Deep State is DESPERATELY trying to prevent. 

It’s FAR MORE than about just the money.”

Brian Cates:


Oh boy! There’s more to come. This is just getting started!

Popcorn, anyone?