Let them wear masks. They don’t want to talk to us and pretty soon they can wear earplugs because they dont want to hear truth either.


Took away their security blankie and Binky. Poor babies…

And, of course, the intellectually less fortunate sheeple will whine and complain. However, they may continue to wear their government Obedience Masks for the rest of their miserable lives, if they so choose.

All those mask nazis should be made to wear ’em for the rest of their lives!!!! Do us all a favor, keep’em on so we can easily identify you and shun your liberal ass in public.
The horror you wreaked on the world is staggering!!!


The mask has become a symbol of tyranny to humanity, never to return.

I fly for an airline and I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. The troubles I’ve watched our flight attendants go through as well as the venom some of them spit at our customers has been like a long-running nightmare. All because of power hungry, risk-averse, unelected, douche bag bureaucrats.