How? Because many of them are anons who have done the research. They’re the ones leading the way. The rest are still catching up and catching on.

In answer to the question: “So which is which and what is really happening? Does anyone know for sure?”

It all the same system because it’s the same people behind all of it. When we talk about bringing down the system, we’re talking about all of it.. the financial.. the political.. the medical.. the corporate.. governmental… all of it.

Here is what we know for sure…

Investigation/grand juries are happening. There will be indictments.

Probes into election fraud are happening. There have been drastic changes made. There will be more. There will be indictments.

Probes are starting into the pharm industry. There will likely be indictments there.

Military Operations have been ongoing regarding human trafficking especially at the border.

Military special ops operations have been ongoing around the world.

Several Trump EOs and other things he did put all this in play. Space Force for example.