See if you agree with him.

My current thoughts:

Q wakes up a subset of people. They learn to rely on each other and expose the lies, search for truth. They learn the meaning of WWG1WGA. 

Trump must be visibly out of office for the fall of the central banks. Putin waits and attacks Ukraine (possibly stopping bioweapon number 2) at the right time. He takes away their DS hub. They try to eliminate Putin’s economy. He backed his money in gold. The US is Epsteining itself. The federal reserve and the central banks must fall or humanity will never be free. Putin started a domino. 

Now Xi shuts down his country under the guise of covid but in reality he’s shutting down the supply chain. They are imploding the entire system and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. The precipice will be felt. The entire system will be brought down in Biblical fashion. Wealth transfer happens in spades. The cabal loses their finances to God’s people. 

Trump can come back at the opportune time and present new systems and an awakened world will be ready to move forward without the cabal.