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Disney, who owns the controlling interests of Hulu, has decided that what the country needs right now (March 3rd) is a show that traffics in normalizing/glorifying cannibalism.  Throwing romance into the mix merely represents the icing on something regular folks are hungry for.

Nothing to see here.   Nope.

What it couldn’t possibly be is an effort to and soften the imminent exposure of said lifestyle actually existing.  And to even observe as much would only mark someone as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Years ago hellywierd folks were all excited about a new restaurant that specializes in human meat.
    There was a post mortem celebration held at this place featuring body parts served for dinner to the deceased family and friends…..

  2. Well , you know the food ” shortage” is coming. KING-JOSEPH-O’BIDEN promises it will happen. He only lies when his lips move. They are just preparing us. Human meat or bug meat. Build back better !!!!!

  3. There is no end to the Biden Family Demented and Disastrous Lifestyle. Seems everything they stand for is illegal, immoral or downright disgusting.

  4. This makes me cry. I am so sad about the evil that has taken over. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus. I don’t want to see this nation crumbling & destroyed

  5. Hey, I’m as fucking crazy as the next guy but I’m having a hard time grasping your point here.

    Are you seriously suggesting that this marks a deliberate attempt by Disney, to normalize cannibalism as a “lifestyle choice”?

    Is this a satirical website?

      1. I have decided.

        If you genuinely believe this then you’re mad.

        A lot of insanity has been revealed in these last few years and I am very willing to listen to “alternative” theories but this is so absurd as to be laughable.

        This is just another shitty horror film. There’s a thousand other horror films dealing with the exact same thing. It has been a popular subject choice in horror films since we started making horror films because it’s horrible and horrible things and horror films go hand in hand..

        There is a lot of weird stuff that Disney has been doing, demonstrably provable stuff. Disney execs’ openly discussing their plans to expose children to increasing amounts of gay and trans themed content to suit their own ideological agenda. That’s pretty inflammatory and it’s real, but instead of discussing that, instead of discussing something that is impossible for anyone to deny, you choose to run with “Disney are trying to normalise cannibalism”.. Wow.

        You are everything that the “progressive left” stereotypes us as. You’re a parody of yourself and you make us all look bad by association. So I ask you again, is this a satirical website?

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