From Brian Cates:

When Elon Musk suddenly stumbles over 2000 Mules and discovers it and starts sharing the documented forensic evidence and the viral video clips from the film with his NINETY MILLION FOLLOWERS, how does Twitter silence him?  🤔🤷

How do you handle a problem like Elon?

From Just Human:

For YEARS Elon Musk has been competing against all of the major car manufacturers, alternative energy companies, traditional energy companies, tech companies, medical device companies, aerospace companies, federal and state regulators, federal and state agencies, and investors in all of the above.

And those entities have been purchasing ads and paying for opposition research on him and his products for YEARS. 

In other words, there has been a massive campaign against this man and his products AND a campaign to program YOU into having a negative view of him and his products. Because that’s the view the programmers have. 

Now, Elon Musk has declared open war on them and he has captured one of their most powerful weapons in this info/persuasion war – Twitter. 

And some of you STILL think he is on [their] side. Heh.

From Evidence Anon:

Yo normies…

With Elon buying Twitter a lot of you are about to get red pilled the f*ck up.

– Biden’s account following is majority bots. Elon is banning those bots. You’ll find out nobody follows Biden’s account because nobody voted for him.

– Twitter only banned the accounts of those who spoke truth about covid and the election. You’re gonna see the majority of Americans know that the election was stolen and COVID is a bio weapon. The echo chamber that made you think otherwise no longer exists.

– Twitter shadow banned (suppressed content) of any accounts that called out the deep state and the globalist agenda. Yes, there are people who want you enslaved. You will now be exposed to the plans these people have for you.

– Twitter worked directly with state governments to swing elections to candidates who support a global agenda. These state governments had direct contacts at Twitter who they worked with to suppress and remove the content of candidates who opposed them.

All of this is being exposed and you’re going to find out the who, what, why, and how they did it.

Also, if you think Twitter is bad, Facebook does ALL of the same things.

The American propaganda machine is 10x stronger than you thought and you’re about find out why.

@ElectionEvidence 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

From Brian Cates:

Been a rough 2 years. 

They took their best shot at us. Spent decades carefully positioning themselves for it.

We not only survived it, now it’s our turn. 

We haven’t even really started yet and they are already in meltdown mode. 

They thought they were getting ready to finish us off. 

This is going to be Trump beating Hillary in 2016 x 1000