Techno Fog:

Supreme Court draft opinion to overturn Roe v Wade – 

Politico obtained this draft opinion by Justice Alito (which will be allegedly joined by Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett) – which states “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled.” 

No doubt a leak by the left in the Supreme Court (perhaps a clerk) – a desperate effort to influence the decision and preserve Roe.

Shannon Bream- somebody’s risking their career to lead this draft to politico.

“Oh shit.  It’s all hands on deck right now to save Roe V. Wade by every leftist activist in Washington DC” – Brian Cates

Jack Posobiec:

“It’s impossible to overstate how significant the leak of a draft Supreme Court ruling is. 

It would be equivalent to a U.S. General coordinating with communist China’s military, for example by promising to give China advance notice of 🇺🇸 military actions.”

Turley has a strong theory. Liberals knew this decision was coming and they’re desperate to keep abortion on the books. Perhaps they got a clerk to leak the draft in order to gin up anger and pressure Congress to pass a national abortion law before the midterms.

If so, there’s a fly in the ointment. 

The leak of the draft will create mistrust between liberal and conservative justices.

If conservative justices suspect the draft was leaked to help pass a federal abortion law, I would expect them to accept a case challenging the new law and overturn it.


–Praying Medic

Defend the Five! – Jack Posobiec

👆👆👆They’re coming for the 5 justices that voted to overturn R v W.  ABSOLUTELY WE HAVE TO DEFEND THEM. – Brian Cates

They are going to throw everything they have at these 5 patriot justices defending the children 

The next 2 months will be like nothing we’ve ever seen 

If you thought Kavanaugh was bad you haven’t seen a thing 

The anti-human forces will be activated like never before

— Jack Posobiec

The entire point of the Kavanaugh circus 3 years ago was because of the rabid Left’s absolute determination to keep Roe v. Wade from ever being overturned. 

Of course they’re going to cheat and pull every freaking dirty trick they can to try to stave off this vote.

-Brian Cates

Hold fast. This is the fight for life. — Jack Posobiec

Hillary posted a poll on 4/28 (taken by only 1k) saying most Americans are pro-choice..

Tonight we have the leak..