By Biernutz_71, June 1st 2020

It is no secret that many of my articles “tease” Q drops and popular phrases. If you know me, you know that I appreciate the drops for what they are, but I largely try to avoid deltas, decodes, and dates. It would appear that I may have to break my own rule about dates because there is one, I cannot stop thinking about…June 1st, 2020.

                In my previous article A Day To Remember I made the case (largely circumstantial) that I believe Donald Trump signed the Insurrection Act on June 1st 2020:

                                Here is the question I have: if you are Mark Esper and you had convinced Trump not to enact the Insurrection Act then why take steps on your own that you know will get you fired? Mark’s actions are not those of someone who thinks Trump is going to do what your recommended.  In fact, it appears Trump did the exact opposite. What I am saying is that I believe despite Esper’s objection, Donald J Trump enacted the Insurrection Act on June 1st, 2020.

                Perhaps my favorite phrase attributed to Q is “future proves past.” I am not exactly sure why I like that one so much, but maybe it is because I believe the drops seem to be more useful looking backwards than forwards. Imagine my surprise when I came across some more information from Q drops relating to June 1st and the events surrounding that historic day. What is even more shocking is that as we look back it would seem to be a play-by-play account of what was actually happening right before our eyes. I honestly do not know how I missed it!

                Before we go into the updates that I have I want to thank to anons in particular: @GrayBarn and @Cubacca17. They have both been very helpful in helping me navigate these posts. Without their help much of this would have gone unnoticed by me.

                So, let’s go back to that time period almost two years ago to the summer of 2020. If you recall that summer prior to the 2020 elections, there were the George Floyd riots. Several major cities were besieged by BLM and Antifa groups wreaking havoc on businesses and innocent bystanders.

Here is a timeline of the events as I described in my article written in January of this year:

·         George Floyd riots in many cities

·         Surveillance aircraft over cities with riots

·         DNI issued a report

·         Trump meets with staff in Oval office

·         Trump walks over to a church for a photo op

·         Trump and Espers spar over Insurrection Act

·         Two days later Esper takes action on his own

·         Dan Scavino says that June 1st was a historic day

                Today that timeline would look very different with all the information that I have since found. I would argue that the timeline is much more complete with the addition of the Q posts. In order to understand fully what took place on June 1st, 2020, we need to go back a few days prior to May 30th 2020. The riots are still taking place and Q posts the following:

This is a pretty straight forward drop for me to understand. However, it grabs my attention when I see, “Call the Ball.” Having been in the Navy and having worked on the flight deck of aircraft carriers, I know EXACTLY what this means. Here is what the definition is:

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to listen to the succinct communication between carrier operations and the aircraft in flight, it’s quite an experience. When a fighter jet is on approach and “in the groove” (i.e., 15-18 seconds to touchdown) to an aircraft carrier the Landing Signal Officer (LSO) onboard will say to the approaching aircraft, “Call the ball.”

He is asking for a couple of things, but primarily if the pilot can see the round orange “meatball” on the Optical Landing System (OLS). If he cannot see the ball for whatever reason, the pilot will transmit, “Clara.” This tells the LSO that the pilot is not receiving optical glide slope information, a situation that must be corrected by the pilot or LSO quickly. Otherwise, a wave-off is required, which equates to additional cost incurred in fuel, time, planning and even potential safety concerns.

Most all of the time though, the pilot will see the ball (and of course the related lighting system) and will note the orange ball’s relation to the green horizontal datum lights. This will indicate if he is high, low, or on glide-slope.

In response to the LSO’s query to “Call the ball,” the pilot will answer by stating his side number, aircraft type, ‘ball,’ and fuel state (and qualification number if in training).

            What we have here in this post is a backdrop of the 1807 Insurrection Act, a determination that states are not up to the task of protecting their cities, and a clear military logistical communication being sent out and awaiting a response. Is it possible that the Insurrection Act is dependent on a determination of states abilities and a response to call the ball? I believe it is.

Here is another post from May 30th 2020:

Now let’s move to May 31st 2020:

Then we get this tweet from the President:

Do you see what is happening here in a matter of a couple of days? Trump and Q are both telling us exactly what they are focusing on and what they plan to do. The Trump administration designated Antifa a terrorist organization, an organization that attacked our cities. In response to those attacks, the states were unable or unwilling to respond with National Guard troops. It cannot be forgotten that in the basement of St. John’s Episcopal Church a fire was started shortly after 10 PM that evening.

                So, now we arrive at June 1st, 2020. The day that Dan Scavino said was: “historical moment in the Oval – will share what it is, one of these days, when I can.”

On the morning of June 1st President Trump met with his staff to go over the speech that was to be delivered in the Rose Garden later that day. Keep in mind that the Director of Nation Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe has already briefed the President on China’s involvement in the riots. Anyone care to guess how that turned out?  It is noteworthy that Secretary of Defense Chris Miller is present as well. Here is an excerpt from Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series Part 8:

The Military knew before June 1st that there were foreign actors involved in these riots but they didn’t get involved with active surveillance (publicly anyway) until it got to the point that city and state governments failed in their duty to protect the citizens of their States. – Patel Patriot

                The condition to satisfy Q’s post regarding the Insurrection Act and to the call the ball is about to be satisfied. After Mark Esper and Donald Trump have their heated disagreement on the use of the Insurrection Act, Q drops this post at 12:21 PM:

 Trump delivers this statement at 6:40 PM from the Rose Garden:

This is the President telling us what he already discussed with governors and mayors and we know from Q’s earlier post they decided to create Antifa safe zones instead.

At 6:52 PM Q drops this post:

At 7:01 PM Trump has the famous picture of him in front of St John’s Episcopal Church holding a Bible. What do you think just happened?

If we take the largely circumstantial case made in my previous article and add to it the communications that BOTH Donald Trump and Q were making during those days, it is clear to me the Insurrection Act of 1807 was signed on June 1st, 2020. The conditions were met, and the ball was called. We were attacked the summer of 2020, a failed color revolution perhaps, and those responsible for this were Antifa along with financial and logistical aid from China. Acts of war may also have been signed or enacted.

                In case you need any further proof of the significance of June 1st, 2020, and the signing of the Insurrection Act, look at post made on the following day: