Jack Posobiec observed:

“One big generational difference is the New Right is willing to call out the media, even individual journalists. Establishment GOP is terrified of them, and even still will posts links to discredited NYT  / CNN like they’re hostages or something

Establishment GOP wouldn’t *dream* of calling out establishment media 

Part is because they work for the same people 

Part is because they live inside the box and are scared of pipsqueaks like Jake Tapper.

Understanding why the establishment agitates for war overseas but opposes military action against the cartels exposes how the regime actually operates.

The regime will never take out the cartels.


This from The Storm Has Arrived 17:

Chuck Todd’s Daily Show Demoted From MSNBC To A Streaming Service

The mainstream media is failing. Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press Daily is being taken off of MSNBC and will now only be on NBC News Now, the network’s streaming service. Deadline reported: Meet the Press Daily with Chuck Todd will move from MSNBC to the network streaming service NBC News Now. Starting on June 6,…

The legacy media is literally dying right before your eyes. We are lucky enough to be alive to witness it. Enjoy it! 

Bye bye, Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd. Your Sunday show is next. 


Red Hat Frogs notes:

FOX News Goes Full Woke, Hires Former Woman Named Woman Of The Year But Still A Biological Male

Everything woke turns to…