Jack Posobiec has been busy on this Mother’s Day.

“Happy Mother’s Day, bros… ”

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Going after a judge at their home ahead of a ruling is definitely illegal in all 50 states

“We have to go after judges and their families in their homes. For democracy.” 

– Antifa logic

You got prosecuted for refusing to wear a mask on a plane but they can intimidate Supreme Court justices’ families and will be celebrated 

This is how you know we are living under a regime

I want to be very clear about something

Everyone knows those Antifa are breaking federal law by showing up at judges’ homes

And nothing will happen to them, bc they are the street thugs of the regime

Good Morning to everyone especially mothers and grandmothers!

Understand what part of the movie we are in

The cameras were always on the drop boxes. Why didn’t the RNC do anything about this for 2 years?


Philadelphia Drop Boxes for upcoming May 17 Primary

It doesn’t matter what laws you pass if no one enforces them

It isn’t just that Antifa is intimidating Supreme Court justices and their families 

It’s that our government does nothing about it

Antifa is able to operate within the West because the power structure allows and uses this destabilizing force for their own ends. This is the same dynamic with many non-profit organizations that operate with impunity outside the law, such as ballot harvesting

Antifa is not a myth

Antifascist forces have lead violent revolutions for decades. Now they’re here.

I wrote a book exposing Antifa’s true story and how to Fight Back


Remember what they took from you

Pizza Hut in China vs Pizza Hut in America 

Are you paying attention yet?