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This is a YouTube video released by the US Army’s 4th Psy-Op Group on May 3, 2022.

There’s lots going on here, and there is a huge proof in this video for Patel Patriot’s devolution series – one of the biggest yet. Let’s take a look together…

Introduction: Do you believe in ghosts?

First, this is a slick, professionally produced, short motion picture. This is on par with something Activision would produce for an installment of their Call of Duty franchise. It cost a lot of money to make, and I assume the money came from the US Army’s recruiting budget. Here’s the odd thing – clandestine Army units like this DON’T make recruiting material, because that material brings unwanted attention.

Have you ever seen an official Delta Force recruiting video?

Exactly. A visit to the 4th Psy-Op Group’s Army webpage will show the proclamation;

PSYOP is a difficult branch to research so don’t hesitate to reach out for help.”

Now they launched a YouTube channel and are making recruiting films – and a text message number to get more information? Something isn’t adding up. The logical conclusion here is that this isn’t a recruiting film. This is something else, like comms.

Comms directed at whom? Us? No, but we are part of the comm.

The overarching concepts here are:

  1. Ghosts
  2. An ominous warning

We are going to talk about both throughout this article.

The masked figure in the forest:

This is the single most important image of the video, because it’s the key to understanding the whole thing, and also to whom it’s addressed.

There’s a creepy image of what appears to be a soldier wearing a white mask in a forest. Is this image meant to appear menacing and intimidating?

You bet.

But then something else occurred to me when I saw this image.

What I see here is an unpainted mask used in Japanese Noh theater productions. Japanese Noh theater dates back to the 14th century and is still performed today. Unlike Kabuki theater, where the actors use face paint, Noh theater is performed wearing masks. It’s hard to make out, but I see two possibilities for a character:

  1. A mask portraying a woman () – specifically the character of Lady Rokujō
  2. A mask portraying an Ayakashi (怪士)

Both are interesting – in fact this WHOLE VIDEO is choreographed like a Noh theater production! This context of a Noh play is CRITICAL for understanding what’s going on in this PSYOP video – keep that archetype of a Noh play in mind as you read.

If the mask is a woman character, the color immediately jumps out. It’s all white. In Noh theater, white = nobility, or royalty. By these terms I mean actual nobility – kings and queens. Here’s why that’s significant.

Lady Aoi (Aoi no Ue)

In this classical Noh play, Lady Aoi, the Wife of the senior minister of state Hikaru Genji, is afflicted with an unexplainable illness. Her family believes that Lady Aoi is possessed by a phantom – and they bring a priestess in to try to identify the evil spirit.

The priestess is successful. The tormenting spirit is identified as the vengeful ghost of Lady Rokujō, the widow of a deceased crown prince and Hikaru Genji’s current lover. Scorned and humiliated by her lover by his favor of Lady Aoi, Lady Rokujō’s jealousy took the form of a Hayanna and inflicted itself upon Lady Aoi.

Now I’m certain you’ve seen the Hayanna character before – on a tattoo or anime film perhaps. It’s one of the most iconic images from Japanese culture.

The Hayanna is a vengeful Japanese spirit that attaches itself to a part of a person’s soul who has been wronged – and then extracts revenge from the guilty party. If the mask is a female mask, I’m guessing the character is Lady Rokujō, and that’s a powerful image of foreshadowing. Bad things are coming upon the guilty – specifically upon government officials.

There’s another possibility. The mask could also be an Ayakashi spirit.

The Ayakashi can represent a wraith or a violent god in Noh theater. It can also represent the ghost of a warrior, coming to extract revenge. If this mask is a Ayakashi, or if it is supposed to be Lady Rokujō, the underlying message is the same;

A wrong has been committed by the world’s royalty, and supernatural vengeance is coming upon the guilty.

The choreography of this video is also very significant. There’s a category of Noh theater that deals with gods, ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural. It’s called Mugen-Noh, and in addition to the supernatural content, these plays are characterized by their non-linear plotline. This video spans multiple time periods and plot lines, switching between them at will in a storyline that reveals itself as the plot progresses.

This part of the video encapsulates both principles; ghosts and an ominous warning

The Ghost in the Machine:

The phrase “Ghost in the Machine” was coined in 1949 by Gilbert Ryle, a lecturer at Oxford University in the field of Philosophy. Appearing in his paper, Concept of Mind, the ghost in the machine refers to a description of dualism that was made popular by René Descartes.

That’s the origin of the term – but the origin is not relevant to our discussion. What’s more relevant are the modern adaptations of the term “ghost in the machine”. To paraphrase Gilbert Ryle and also Arthur Koestler, the ghost in the machine refers to something ancient, primal, hard-wired into the cortex, the lizard-brain, brought to the surface of the psyche in times of extreme peril, and the ultimate fail-safe.

Taking a psychological survey of humanity what do we see? We see many people awake, and questioning the popular narrative. We are seeing a massive shift of power away from the government and to the people. That shift is to the detriment of the elites and the benefit of the people. I see 4th PSYOP involved in this. I see them telling us that they are influencing events. You see further evidence of this in the video; 

Anything we touch is a weapon…we can deceive, persuade, change, influence, inspire. We come in many forms – we are everywhere.

This is part of the warning I mentioned earlier.

The Creepy Cartoon:

The cartoon of the clown you see throughout the video is from a 1933 American animated film, “Betty Boop in Snow-White” by Dave Fleischer and Roland Crandall. You may view the clip used in the “Ghost” video below:

Koko the Clown sings “St. James Infirmary Blues” in Betty Boop’s Snow White

Click to view video ( Max Fleischer – Betty Boop – Snow White – Musical – Animation – Cartoon – Koko the Clown – Ghost – Cab Calloway – Rotoscoping – Saint James Infirmary – darkest – song – Unfortunate Rake) at Youtube 👇

The film depicts Betty Boop as Snow-White, who the magic mirror declares to be, “fairest of them all.” This puts Betty in mortal danger from the jealous Queen. The Queen dispatches two assassins, Bimbo and Koko, to take Betty’s head. They disobey, and the Queen extracts revenge on her disobedient minions. That’s the scene you saw on the TV in the video. Koko the clown is turned into a ghost by the Queen, who is now a witch.

The easy meaning to pull from this is there’s a struggle between good & evil, and good prevails in the end. Another is jealousy. Remember the Noh play, Lady Aoi? The jealousy of Lady Rokujō played a central role in that story, just like the jealousy of the Queen does  in Snow-White.

Another is the image of the television set on fire. For decades, television and media have been used by the elite to control the citizen. That control is coming to an end, and their system is burning down.

Did 4th PSYOP light the match?

Warfare is Evolving:

In the video, the text appears on the screen over a series of images. We see heavy cavalry during the European medieval period > Mechanized infantry > what appears to be men filming a propaganda video > someone typing at a keyboard > drone IR feed > IT specialist > a violent street protest > a smartphone (social media). What I see here is the evolution of combat from kinetic to 5th generation warfare.

Listen up, digital soldiers. This part of the video is speaking to YOU. Remember the oath of the digital soldier;

I _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God. Where we go one, we go all.

That’s the also the oath of office for commissioned officers in the United States Army (modified). What’s the message? What are the orders?

Simple. Dig, expose, recruit, lawfully protest, participate in the election process, bring lawsuits, run for office, and no matter what the swamp does – talk about whatever they’re doing that’s in violation of the Constitution of the United States.

The fact that an official branch of the US Army is suggesting this under the thinnest of veils is HUGE. This is the closest we’ve seen so far of official recognition of the digital soldier concept.

And, also do not forget the grave threat an awake and informed population poses to the elites of the world. This plot line serves as a warning to the elite – there are millions of digital soldiers throughout the world.

Like I said earlier, we’re not the target of the comms, but we are part of it.

Look to the stars:

I mean – this one is obvious. Can you say, “SPACE FORCE?”

The elites still appear as though they fail to grasp the significance of this branch of the US Military. All I’ve seen from them so far is this is a “joke” or this is “Trump’s folly”. I think it’s a grave mistake not to take this new branch seriously. 4th PSYOP is all but spelling it out here that they work closely with Space Force. 4th PSYOP is based out of Fort Bragg, and that means Green Berets, Rangers and Delta Force. There’s serious muscle behind 4th PSYOP – you see this in the video with images of Special Forces operators sneaking around a non-conventional battlefield. Today, there’s also the vast capability of Space Force merged into this equation.

Space Force and its integration with the Land, Sea and Air forces of the United States isn’t a joke – anyone who still thinks so is a fool.

D-Day is coming!

The US Army just let us see the royal flush they’re holding – and this is where I see devolution coming into play.

look at this image from the video:

Just a ghost air freshener?

No – it’s FAR more than that, folks!

Pop quiz, who knows about the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops? This unit was a ruse set up by the allies to trick the Wehrmacht right before the Normandy invasion on June 6, 1944. The Nazis bought the story; hook, line, and sinker – this unit prevented a concentration of German troops in Normandy, making D-Day a success and not a slaughter. Do you remember reading about inflatable tanks, wooden aircraft, and General Parton leading the whole outfit? This was the iconic patch that was associated with the unit after the war!

The patch’s appearance in this video ISN’T an accident. The video’s producers further reinforced this point with another image from the same operation:

That’s two men of the 23rd HQ Special Troops pushing over an inflatable M4 Sherman tank. Stop and think about this for a minute, and consider the following topics/images:

  • Ghosts dealing supernatural revenge
  • Active PSYOP operation going on right now – a play…”and all the world’s a stage
  • An ominous message to the world’s elites
  • And now the US Army is all but saying the Normandy invasion is coming…soon

Folks, if the US Army, their PSYOPS unit is tipping its hand like this, it’s trolling on an epic scale. And it also tells me one other very important thing;


D-day is coming folks, now are you seeing why this video is scaring the elites to death?

Are we about to see another “Operation Overlord” flung against “Fortress Europe” to take down the Nazi rulers once and for all?

So what to take from all this?

This was a message to the elites of the world. I know this because of the strong evidence I see of a Mugen-Noh play that lasts three and a half minutes.

A masterful production. A story where a wrong has been committed by the world’s elite, and that supernatural vengeance is coming…delivered at the hands of a ghost.

Now do I believe that ghosts are going to rise from the grave and extract revenge?


But I remember this quote from the great author, Arthur C. Clarke:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Loop Space force into all this and you’re going to see one hell of a show – and you just might see things that are considered to be science fiction.

Oh yes, and there is one more fact about Noh plays that I’d like to mention.

Noh theater productions were written and performed for Japan’s ruling class. The rulers of the world have just been put on notice;

Justice is coming for your past crimes, and be afraid of ghosts…because D-Day is coming.

Until next time…Boo!


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Wow, wow, wow.

Hammer23 min agoWOW! I saw the video and was intrigued, to say the least. I shared it on Facebook and surprisingly haven’t been “reprimanded, put in time out or banned!” lol Your explanation of the significance/meaning of this video, is AWESOME! I already knew about the Ghost Army used against the Nazis. I instantly recognized their ghost patch in the video and had a wonderful feeling that we’re using the same tactics on this current day enemy that we’re fighting! Thank you so much for your incredible article! It gives me hope that we’re gonna be okay. We will win this battle! I.am.a.digital.soldier. WWG1WGA

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