Bannon played Esper’s interview, said he and Pompeo committed treason. Kayfabe?

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Steve Bannon played a Esper interview today. And said Esper, Pompeo are treasonous

>Wow, this is very damning for them.

Yeah, I don’t know about Pompeo being part of that?

>Me neither. I pray it’s not true.

Interview possibly baiting for mis or disinformation?

>Maybe, disinformation. Sometimes hard to tell truth from disinformation.

For sure.

>Democrat disinformation=your opinion doesn’t match mine!

To discern Kayfabe you have to try and see things from a normies perspective because most of the Kayfabe is directed at them.

There’s several reasons to use Kayfabe.

To distract attention from something that is clandestine and to create a storyline.

Trump’s fight with Sessions was the first big one I remember.

Trump bashed Sessions for recusing himself and doing nothing while the enemy was getting away with all kinds of crimes.


Sessions was the one who appointed Durham and Huber long before anybody knew their names. They were already investigating a conspiracy of corruption.


It also created the storyline of separation between Trump and the Department of Justice to prevent the media narrative that the criminal investigations were political and biased.

Trump and Barr are still using Kayfabe for the same reasons.

Afghanistan was total Kayfabe.

Trump knew the Taliban were keeping his Doha agreement.

But on tv he talked about how bad the Taliban were and how Americans were gonna die and were trapped there and we lost 80 billion worth of military equipment.

He knew it was all a lie.

He used that media narrative to bash Biden and collapse his poll numbers. It worked.

He’s doing the same about Ukraine.

Hope that helps

👆👆👆One of Joe’s Explanations of Kayfabe.

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  1. I heard a couple of weeks ago that Pompeo is pretty much persona non grata. The people talking about it said he knew the Information being used to being President Trump down was bogus and he had the truth and did or said nothing to Trump. I have heard this a few times now. Now it looks like he is getting ready to run for the Presidency.

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