I’m about to post a series of videos from congressional testimony, confirming under oath, that the US does fund biolabs in Ukraine. 

#1 Victoria Nuland, Undersecretary of State; 03/08/2022 

Confirming the US has “research facilities” in Ukraine and “we are concerned Russian forces will get their hands on this research”.


User Clip: DNI Haines Rejects Russia Claim of Biowarfare Labs in Ukraine

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines on Thursday dismissed claims by Russia that the U.S. is conducting biological weapons research in “biolabs” across Ukraine.

#2 Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence; 03/10/2022 

Both Haines and Rubio use the verbiage “labs” when referring to these US facilities in Ukraine. They are just claiming that the US aren’t making weapons. But they did confirm that there are US funded “labs” in Ukraine and they are handling pathogens.  

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines on Thursday dismissed claims by Russia that the U.S. is conducting biological weapons research in “biolabs” across Ukraine.


Vice Chairman Rubio Questions CIA Director Burns on Biolab Security

#3 William J Burns, Director of Central Intelligence Agency; 03/10/2022

RUBIO SAYS IN TESTIMONY “a long time ago this should have been acknowledged, there are labs yes, this is what they do. Cuz a lot of these fact checkers said ‘don’t even mention labs, they don’t even exist’. But they do, they exist all over the world. There’s labs like that right here.” 

So Rubio confirms the labs are there, and the fact checkers were wrong not to acknowledge that the labs exist. 

That’s 4 high ranking government officials in congressional testimony, within the past 2 months, confirming that the US funds labs in Ukraine and around the world. Meaning all the fact checkers and publications were LYING when claiming that “there are no Biolabs in Ukraine”. 

41+ separate publications published articles directly citing my Twitter thread, and/or my government name, Jacob Creech, claiming my thread proposing that Russia was targeting US Biolabs in Ukraine, was a “conspiracy theory”,“Russian disinformation”, “QAnon”, “false”, etc. In which they all proceeded to smear me and with malicious intent and RACIALLY CHARGED discrimination from one of their contributors. They all aimed to defame my character and destroy my personal and professional life via a coordinated attack. All of which was based on a lie and THEIR OWN DISINFORMATION, backed by a political agenda to cover up the truth. 

Everything I claimed in that thread was true. I claimed that the US is funding biolabs in Ukraine and the Russians were after said labs. What part of that is a conspiracy theory? And why was the entire left-wing media weaponized against me for pointing out a fact? 

The actions caused by these publications have caused irreparable harm to my emotional state, personal life, professional life, and source of income. 

When hiring managers do a background check on me, they google my name and the first 6 pages of Google has my name in an article claiming I’m a “Conspiracy Theorist”, yet my work they cite is confirmed fact, in document and testimony.

As a result of this workplace discrimination, I am maintaining income as an independent investigative journalist. Right now, my sole source of income is self generated and dependent on my reputation and validity as a journalist. These publications who spread lies about me and my work, are directly hindering my ability to get future employment and effecting how I currently generate income. 

Now with ALL that being said, who knows conservative defamation lawyers not named Lin Wood? I’m going to take on the entire left-wing media complex. 

(And P.S. to all the 41+ publications who wrote libelous statements about me, some of which are reading this right now, I already archived everything and have screenshots of it all with time stamps. Anything you delete only implies more guilt. It’s too late. I have it all.)

Let’s dance 😈