Corsi, InfoWars, and Q

Jordan Sather posted:

In Alex Jones “True History about Q” video he put out yesterday, he essentially claims credit for starting the Q movement. Here’s a clip.

He also claims “Q was only legit for about a month and then it got taken over”.

That is fake news. Goes to note some of the people trying to take Q over were Infowars affiliated like Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi.

We’re not stupid, you InfoClowns.

Here’s the link if you want to watch this video in full. AJ is pretty unhinged in it:

Q post 1340 on May 11 2018 (almost a 4 year delta, dasting) 

It detailed how Corsi/Infowars tried to run psy-ops and subvert Q. (I have a neat feature in it)

It has since been censored off of Reddit, but here’s an archive link if you want to read it:

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  1. Alex jones banned a comment from me regarding bio labs in Ukraine…. the next day it was all over the news.
    He’s a shill

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