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Hong Kong’s Cardinal Zen arrested for ‘allegedly colluding with foreign forces’

Cardinal Zen is 90 years old and is an outspoken critic of Hong Kong’s draconian national security law.

HONG KONG (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Joseph Zen, the Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, has reportedly been arrested by Hong Kong police.

Local news outlets report that according to “sources,” 90-year-old Cardinal Zen was arrested on May 11, along with the prominent former opposition legislator Margaret Ng Ngoi-yee and the singer Denise Ho Wan-sze for “allegedly colluding with foreign forces.”

Cardinal Zen’s arrest will now place the Vatican and Pope Francis in a difficult situation. The cardinal has been a vocal critic and opponent of Francis’ secret deal with China, even accusing Francis of “encouraging a schism,” of “selling out the Catholic Church in China,” and styled the deal “an incredible betrayal.”

He also suggested that the Vatican’s silence over China’s long record of human rights’ abuses and persecution of the Church was perhaps an attempt “to establish diplomatic relations with (China),” he said.

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Pope Francis then refused to meet with Cardinal Zen in September 2020, claiming he was “very busy,” despite the cardinal only having been allowed out of Hong Kong for 120 hours. The still-secret Vatican-China deal was renewed for a second term only a few weeks afterwards.