AbsoluteConviction decodes this

I raaaarely decode anymore unless something just so happens to trip my trigger and I can’t get my brain to shut up about it. 

This is one of those times

Yesterday Dan Scavino posted a TBT pic of flowers at the WH. This is what got the ole’ noodle baking. 

April showers bring May “Flowers”. 

“Full Moon Coming” 

“Sky Event” 

Sunday Evening/Monday Morning we will have a Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is *exceptionally* rare. 

Flower Blood Moons are said to bring honesty and truth. 

Durham’s trial vs Sussman begins on Monday, May 16th. 

I AM NOT DATEFAGGING. I am NOT positing anything big goes down Monday. Rather – this trial will be the first thread pulled from the fabric and will continue on up the ladder until we reach Obama and Hillary. 

Today’s episode of shot in the dark decodes has been brought to you by copious amounts of caffeine and chicken tendies. Be blessed, frens. 


By Radiopatriot

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