Let’s see if Marc Elias claims Fusion was hired by him on behalf of the Clinton campaign to provide legal services and legal counsel rather than opposition research now that he’s under oath in court.

Let’s see if the consulting contract betwixt Fusion and Perkins Coie mentions any legal services that Fusion was providing to the lawyers at Perkins Coie. 

Let’s also remember the Clinton campaign was fined by the FEC for trying to hide it’s payments to Fusion for it’s work on the Steele Dossier by laundering the money thru Perkins Coie.

Oh wait. Elias has already given this answer under oath today. Elias says he hired Fusion for its research/investigative services. I don’t think he’s said one thing yet about Fusion having been retained for legal purposes.

This whole case against Sussmann and why he’s being prosecuted first could have to do with a Durham strategy to COMPLETELY EVISCERATE THE BULLSHIT ATTORNEY/CLIENT PRIVILEGE CLAIMS that his targets fully intend to try bury him with over the next 2-3 years. 

What if during the very first trial  he’s maneuvering all these Swamp goons into making repeated false statements to the court in official motions to intervene that are then laid to rest forever by…(checks card) the Hillary Clinton Campaign’s own general counsel? 🤔

In other words, Hillary For America, the DNC, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS and Rodney Joffe don’t get to try to thwart any future grand jury subpoenas or federal court proceedings by making bogus assertions that Fusion was hired to give them all LEGAL COUNSEL. 

Durham will have already dispensed with that particular fiction in the Sussmann case.

Remember, Fusion is still holding back over 1,400 documents subject to federal grand jury subpoenas because Fusion and it’s HFA, DNC, Joffe/GT clients claim these communications are replete with legal advice and litigation counsel that Fusion was supposedly dispensing. 

What happens if Elias blows up this subterfuge with his testimony today?

Right now John Podesta and Robby Mook have to be shitting bricks.

They volunteered signed declarations to Judge Cooper that Fusion was hired to give HFA/DNC legal counsel and so they were vigorously asserting their attorney/client privilege rights to shield the outstanding 1,400 Fusion documents from the Durham Special Counsel and its federal grand jury that issued subpoenas for them.

There is no way Podesta and Mook offer those signed declarations to the court if they had advance knowledge that Elias was going to directly contradict their declarations in the stand under oath.