From 1965-1973 the BBC did a series called Thirty minute Theatre. This episode was called “The News Benders.”

  • Episode aired Jan 10, 1968
  • 30m
  • Plot:

In 1973, a short meeting between a senior TV News man (J.G) and a talented, younger free lancer (Robert) has some unexpected twists and turns which show how the News is not quite what it seems to be. J.G. has “tapped” Robert as the “right man for a job” – but Robert is not so easily convinced that he wants to take the new job. J.G seems to have a way of persuading him.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. This story summarizes what our current “button pushers” are all about, control or elimination. JG is like our current delusional ladder climbing socialist geniuses, thinking he has a future. The elite crowd is reserved for the elite only. The elites are going to be needing asbestos suits where they are heading.

  2. Can we make it come true ??? No NUKES, no COVID, no illegals, no Ukraine NAZIS, no gas shortages, no inflation, no food & supply shortages, & no shortages of Christian Conservative PATRIOTS !!!!! I like it !!!

  3. Entertainment in the 1960s included lots of diabolical scheming and scenarios to scare the public into a layer of ‘worry & fear conditioning’. This continued to expand… Hollywood loves to strike terror into the hearts of watchers…. ‘the News’ is now entertainment that fills the daily TV program scheduling…. “The View”… and others…mind control, dumbing down, terror for breakfast…. hateful people yelling and screaming at each other…. all so UN-American.

    What fell by the wayside of the 1950s family entertainment to be replacedby the Boob Tubet?
    Bowling in groups of families, dating kids, neighvors… not organized leagues, picnics, going to the beach, lake, mountains, canoeing, hiking, Halloween neighborhood events like Birthday and Graduation parties with friends and neighbors, teens working on cars, regular holiday Bonfire Event with dunking for apples, Toasting marshmallows on a stick and hotdogs and food for all the neighbors, Christmas displays of the Nativity in yards, Skating all around the neighborhood, Biking, Board Games, Drive -in Theaters, Movie Theaters, Playing in the Park, Local School Ball Games and Music Concerts, Piano and Dance Recitals, Swim meets, Road trips, Neighborhood holiday celebrations, Church Camp, The “Y” Summer Camp, Bible meetings and 4th of July Parades and Parties, Bible study groups, Christmas music through the neighborhood…. Mothers sharing their family recipes, cakes, cookies and meals with others…

    We have unwittingly allowed our neighborhoods and country to become infiltrated with foreign ideas and selfish and self-serving goals, we have long forgotten to love, cherish, endear and include our neighbors into our lives…. many do not want to be included. Their goals are not to become a part of us and our wonderful lifestyle, but to own us.

    This may seem to be very negative, and not uplifting; this is whatt I see. Without many changes in Laws and Practices, it will be a long way to anywhere near normal. We now have SO MUCH TO AVOID, just to remain fairly safe. We will not give in or give up. Soon we will hopefully see Criminals being REMOVED permanently from their perches, and our RIGHTS TO LIVE, AND PROSPER, IN FREEDOM, RETURNED TO US.
    Have a Beautiful and Blessed Day, every day!!! God will show us the way and will give us the strength, courage, and wits to get through this.

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