His approval rating is in the cellar. He’s doing everything possible to carry out what Hillary was supposed to do when she was elected.

Communist – Marxist Obama and his partners in crime are using the vegetable to accomplish their 16-year plan to destroy our country and sell us into the Machiavellian globalists. He’s their disposable diaper.

Do you think for one minute that the Kenyan and Co. give a rat’s ass about Joe?

Hell no.

They’re using him to accomplish what they set out to do in 2008. When they’re done, they’ll discard him like a smelly diaper.

He’s their instrument / tool being used to accomplish their objectives.

And when it’s all said and done, Disposable Diaper Joe won’t know what hit him… in fact, he’ll be so addle-brained, he won’t care.

How very convenient for the Kenyan and his fellow demons that Joe insisted on running for president. A plan made in the bowels of hell.


When you lay blame at Biden, remember this. He’s just a tool in their hands. He’ll end up in the funny farm or worse. Wifey “Dr.” Jill will end up beside him if they don’t “get rid of her” first. And Hunter and the rest of the fam? They’re going to prison where the prison cameras won’t be on, either.

Just my opinion.