I listened to Bannon’s two-hour program this morning. You need to listen to it too.

Topic: The BIG picture of China’s geostrategic plan — what’s at stake in the Eurasian Land mass and what that means for the US. i.e. China’s game plan to take over US and the world.

The CCP held a video-conference call May 14th that went into granular detail of how they’re shifting to a war footing, understanding that if they go after Taiwan, we’ll be forced to defend Taiwan and our interests there. Somehow we got hold of the audio version, currently being translated, and the news is of great concern.

Is our USN Seventh Fleet capable of fighting and winning?

Among those taking part in the eye-opening discussion:

Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy

Steven Byron,

Capt. James Fanell, USN (ret), former Director of Intelligence, US Pacific Fleet

Jeff Nyquist, Cmte on Present Danger: China

Brian Kennedy,

Bradley Thayer, Founding member, Cmte on Present Danger: China