“I’m sorry to say, but whoever gives into the monkeypox false narrative is a lost case.  This is a continuation of psychological warfare and domestic terrorism.  Biden administration, WHO, Gates, Dustin Moskowitz, CDC, FDA, NIH, the whore media and many others are complicit in crimes against God and humanity.  They represent the collective primordial serpent.  My advice is to do the exact opposite of what is being recommended.  

“Obama, you and your forked tongue should know that the God of Israel has a Divine reckoning for you.  We know that this is your third term by proxy through the demented jester Biden.  I will rejoice in your global downfall.  I ask everyone not to threaten, scare, any of the Obamas.  Please let God deal with these serpents.”

— Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko, MD

Important new update on my health.

Regardless of what happens next I just want to thank you all for your prayers, kindness and support over the last few years.  It has meant so much more to me than you could ever know.  Please continue to fight for freedom and NEVER allow tyranny to win.

May God bless you all.