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Walt was a patriotic Christian American. He certainly was not a Nazi. He cooperated with the government during WWII. He let them use studio space and resources to support military efforts, and he also produced some pro-Allied propaganda films/cartoons. He didn’t have to do that. Not sure what makes you think he was a Nazi. Preposterous. Members of his family in the years since his passing have become more liberal and woke, and Jeffery Katzenberg in the 80s and 90s allowed a flood of homosexuals to not just contribute to creative projects at Disney, but assume more and more positions of power and influence. The place is now overrun. Walt had nothing to do with any of that or what is happening now. It’s sad. There’s a tremendous legacy there, but it’s been hijacked. Not sure it can be wrestled away from the perverts. Hard to imagine how it could be saved. I was once as devoted a Disney fan as you’d be likely to find, but I no longer want to support them at all.

By Radiopatriot

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