Always wait for the optics.

There’s a plan for winning. 

There’s a plan for “losing.” 

There’s a plan for everything in between.

Moves and countermoves.

Clearly they had this story ready to go for tonight.

You think the timing is a coincidence?


Docket for United States v. Danchenko, 1:21-cr-00245 –

Docket for United States v. Danchenko, 1:21-cr-00245 — Brought to you by the RECAP

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3 new docket entries today in USA vs. Danchenko.

“The world is watching” 

How do you get the world to watch the next Durham trial? 

By tanking this one so the MSM will cover the next one in full.

Adding on; Durham literally thanked the jurors, folks. He thanked them. Think about that for a second ….. 

If what you’ve realized is that a conviction would have made the FBI look good, and that Durham’s whole point was to get Mook/Joffe to roll on Hillary, then congratulations – you’re over the target.