Q drop 29 💥💥💥💥


Remember the last couple big reTruth sprees were of 17 retruths. One spree of 17 times, (starting with my Q painting) was at the start of the Durham trial. The other time was at the END of the trial. This time is 29 reTruths.

Very interesting clip of former Secretary of Defense Chris Miller & Kash Patel. 

First, both Kash & Miller appeared to liken current times to WWIII – it’s the anniversary of D-Day, which in and of itself is interesting. 

Second, Miller says he and Kash have been separated to “make sure there wasn’t an appearance of collusion”. 

Third, Chris Miller revealed that they were meeting with POTUS on January 4th to discuss a foreign threat. What could that be? After the election? 👀

Between what Miller mentioned about a foreign threat (scroll up 👆 to @TheStormHasArrived17’s post) & what Gregg Phillips mentioned in his interview with @patelpatriot last week re: “multinational organizations with billions of dollars” affecting the 2020 election, sure looks like “It’s going to be a very hot summer.” Keep in mind, Biden renewed EO 13848 last Sept re: Foreign Interference in our elections. 😏

Now would you look at that? POTUS retruthing quite the Dasting meme. 😏