First, who is Christy Clark? Take a look:

Harris Teeter And Kroger Vow To Stop Selling Pro-America Can Koozies

Kroger and Harris Teeter bent the knee after a whiny complaint on Twitter. The two popular grocery store chains were asked by a woman with barely more than 4,000 followers on Twitter why they were selling pro-America can koozies featuring guns and celebrating freedom, and were asked to “please remove them.”

Instead of telling the woman to get lost and stop complaining about such a minor situation, both companies bent the knee and immediately vowed to stop selling the koozies!

Blowback from Twitter users:

If you remove it, I will stop going to your store. Stop letting these bullies get their way

I will never shop at a @kroger again if you bow to these anti-American, hateful idiots and remove those items.

To @HarrisTeeterand@ChristyClarkNC – I am disappointed that Harris Teeter has effectively become a state actor & engaged in censorship at the behest of a past & future totalitarian elected official. #BoycottHarrisTeeter

Kroger, while you’re at it, excessive alcohol use is responsible for more than 260 deaths per day. Time to quit selling beer and wine because, because I say so. Go Woke, Go Broke.

…instead of whining about something! Why not shop elsewhere? I know that we are !

@kroger you just lost a customer

Obesity is responsible for more deaths than shirts with guns on them. I demand that you pull all the food that could cause obesity off your shelves, @kroger If you are going to enable people to get fat then you are responsible for the deaths of Millions of people per year.…

Give me liberty or give me death. I fought in Iraq so you could keep your liberty. It was my death being risked so you could keep your liberty. Removing these American items is completely despicable, but it’s your decision. It’s also my decision not shop at your store.

Are you kidding? Do you people start on bended knee or is it like half bent and just waiting for a tweet?

Glad I stopped shopping here a while ago when I heard you penalizing employees that didn’t get the poison jab.

Really so I can go through any Kroger store and find things that offend me and you will take them off the shelves? I know what I will be doing this weekend

Kroger, you would let a politician bully you into getting rid of products that Americans want to buy? Products that are simple declarations of pride in our country? How many of us regular people need to tweet at you to cancel out her tweet so you leave it up?

Kroger, in my humble opinion, you might reconsider your process of removing items from your shelves because of a customer complaint. Unless you want to bet on activism versus your grocery strategy.

I am requesting that you leave these on the shelves, and also challenging you to source more American made products. Will you relay that to your leadership team as well? Or is my request not ‘woke’ enough?

Thanks Kroger. I no longer feel a need to shop at your stores ever again. I’m making sure my 2A supporting family knows this as well. Going out on Instagram and telegram and truth social now. Taking a pic of your wonderful tweet reply with me. Bye bye.

Don’t do it @kroger Don’t make me question spending my money at your stores because Karen wants you to give in to wokeness

What about the customer that wishes to purchase and has no problem with the item ??? #ChristyClarkNC don’t buy the damn thing and move on

Kroger, every day we have nearly 100 people die in vehicle accidents – are you pulling everything auto related ? What about heart disease, gonna pull every food item that might cause that ? You remove one you gotta remove others. Really bad idea to start. Go woke – go broke.

Kroger, I am offended by you giving in to this blatant attempt at curtailing Freedom of Speech by a member of the Government. You’re having enough of a hard time due to your excessive prices, don’t alienate the majority of your customers in favor of virtue signaling.

You have to be kidding me. You’re removing a product because of one person? Is that all we have to do is say we don’t like something it is removed? I think you guys are about to lose a bunch of money because there are a lot of patriots who would have bought that stuff. Bye Kroger

As soon as I saw these pathetic and weak responses, I got Kroger and Harris Teeter on the phone to ask what the companies found offensive about the Bill of Rights and freedom.

So far, I haven’t gotten an answer from either, but I will keep you updated if they grow the guts to face the music and respond.