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Sentencing Submission – #670 in United States v. Maxwell (S.D.N.Y., 1:20-cr-00330) –

Ghislaine Maxwell sentencing memo:


A big reason the government is asking the judge to give Maxwell the full ride is her utter and complete lack of remorse on top of her endlessly whining about the conditions of the jail she’s being held in.  

In fact the government points out she’s being treated better than the average inmate.

How many people stupidly  insisted – based on MAXWELL’S CLAIMING THIS – that the SDNY Public Corruption Unit started it’s investigation of Epstein and his sex trafficking ring due to civil litigants demanding it.  

In fact, it was an investigative report in the Miami Herald newspaper back in November 2018 that led the SDNY authorities to begin their investigation.

Almost everything many people assume about this high profile nationally covered case is wrong.  

You know why that is? 

Because the Fake News Media people and even many Conservative media people and influencers don’t research anything. They’re surface skimmers forming snap hot-takes based on their own confirmation biases and then they take the wrong narratives they form on those instant hot takes and spread them hither and yon all across the fruited plain.  

And I’ve been using the Maxwell case to make this point for over a year now.

What are they telling you there? 

They’re telling you Jeffrey Epstein was one of the protected princes of the realm. 

Nobody – NOBODY –  sneaks up on a Jeffrey Epstein. It does not happen. Too many friends in high places, too many tripwires all around him.  

Somebody eluded all the high friends and somebody avoided all the tripwires.  

What should have been impossible happened anyway.

“Ok groomer.” 

She’s a groomer, see. 

One of the best and most prolific groomers of an entire elite cabal of groomers.  

And she’s about to be sentenced to major time for all the grooming she did.

As I wrote at my Substack – which I hope you all subscribe to, by the way! – Maxwell’s defense of her decades-long close and intimate association with Epstein while all this child sex trafficking and grooming was going on was by it’s very nature incoherent.

“Child grooming? What child grooming? I didn’t see any child grooming going on!” 

Surprisingly enough, a jury did not buy this defense and convicted her.

While everybody else was telling you Maxwell would never make it to trial, or that she’d be offed before she did, or that she’d be acquitted, or that she’d get a light slap on the wrist, I consistently told you that:

1. She would be convicted

2. She would be get essentially a life sentence

3. She and Epstein were never the only targets of the Public Corruption Unit’s investigation

4.  Epstein and Maxwell **never held public office

5. The investigation into the Epstein Child Sex trafficking ring is currently pursuing other targets and **this is why you haven’t seen the black book yet.  It’s evidence in ongoing criminal cases being built to indictments and future trials.  

I used to try to explain this until about 7 months ago after the verdict and I just gave up and bided my time.  

Still waiting.  

But when the SDNY PCU is ready to drop more indictments in it’s Epstein investigation, they’ll do so.  

I believe those indictments will include – surprise! – public officials.

One of the dumbest hot takes I had to counter during the Maxwell trial was the exceedingly stupid narrative that by limiting the number of Epstein/Maxwell victims testifying at the trial to SIX, this “proved” that the “fix was in” and Maxwell was going to walk.  

Dumbasses who don’t know how anything works but somehow have an audience didn’t understand this is standard procedure in sex abuse cases. 

If a serial rapist raped 25 different women, do you **really think that in order to convict that creep, the prosecutors are required to force all 25 to come into court and relive the trauma in their testimony? 

Well NO. They only  need to prove with evidence he raped a handful.  

It’s the same with a serial killer. They only need to prove he killed 2-3 people to lock him up for life or get the death penalty.  They don’t need to prove he killed all 8 or 9 or whatever.

LOL Ghislaine helpfully suggested to the court that she be sentenced to only between 51 to 63 months.  

On the other hand, the USPBO [that’s United States Probation Office, for those of you in Rio Linda] calculated that Maxwell should receive 20 years imprisonment – but that was predicated on the original indictment and charges of having directly participated in the grooming and sexual abuse of FOUR girls, not six.  

And the government proved at trial – and jury agreed – that Maxwell was involved in victimization of two more girls who were added in a superseding indictment.  

So because of 6 victims and not 4, Maxwell should get the 30-35 years and not 20 years.

This is why grooming a child for sexual abuse is so evil.  The grooming process requires the abuser to gain the intended victim’s trust.  

This is why when the abuse happens it’s so traumatic.  A person who has been looked on as a great friend and benefactor suddenly reveals their real nature.

Not only is there major trauma for the victim when the abuse begins, but an exceptionally skilled abuser can use guilt to essentially paralyze the victim.  

“What did you think you were here for? You thought you deserved better?  This is a good deal.  We’re taking care of you. Don’t make a mistake here.”

For what it’s worth – as we all know I blew my prediction of Sussmann copping a plea before his trial, and then that he’d be convicted – I predict Judge Alison Nathan gives the prosecution what it is asking for: a sentence somewhere within the 30-35 year range.

In case you missed my extensive coverage of the Epstein case, from the beginning  I was asserting that Epstein and Maxwell were ‘old business’ that had to be gotten out of the way first before accountability could be brought to the rest of the trafficking ring and – pay attention here! – the public officials who let them get away with their grooming operation for 15 additional years.  

A compendium of my coverage of this important case: 

My first column on Epstein was also my first column for Tracy Beanz’s new news website, Uncover DC: 

Initially the Left was ecstatic over the Epstein arrest because they thought it would lead right to Donald Trump’s door. 

After Epstein was found dead in his cell, I wrote this: 

Then in November of 2019 the Fake News Media was literally caught red handed covering up Epstein’s crimes.

Then in July 2020, the Maxwell arrest happened:

All sorts of fascinating questions remain about exactly how Maxwell’s arrest was done.

PART 1: The Truth About The Public Corruption Unit’s Investigation of the Epstein Sex Trafficking Ring

Nobody else is telling it to you straight. Why not?

In August of 2021 I began my own Substack and continued my coverage of the SDNY’s Public Corruption Unit’s investigation of the Epstein Sex Trafficking ring: 

One of the reasons people lose track of what’s happening now is that they don’t remember what’s already happened, because cases like this actually take years, not weeks.  

This is how you end up being vulnerable to snap hot takes by people who don’t know what they’re talking about.  

Early on I was pointing out how Maxwell had not real defense. At all.  

While Fake News and Conservative influencers were babbling how awful rotten and terrible the prosecutors were doing, what was I saying?

Caveat on that last: at the time I wrote that I didn’t know they’d delay Maxwell’s sentencing to June of 2022.

PART 1: The Truth About The Public Corruption Unit’s Investigation of the Epstein Sex Trafficking Ring

Nobody else is telling it to you straight. Why not?

3 years ago people might have balked at the idea that public officials would not only take bribes to look the other way while a child sex grooming/trafficking ring ran under their noses. 

They’d have certainly balked at the idea that some of these highly placed state and federal officials were participants in the child grooming/trafficking activity.  

Will they be balking at that idea by the time the PCU starts dropping indictments of public officials? 

We’ll see.