Many of us are familiar with Dr. Zev Zelenko, a hero who was among the first (if not THE first) to recommend therapeutics to cure Covid (Hrydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin). He was respected, admired, and loved by many, and helped cure millions with the Zelenko Protocol, all while being treated terribly by the media, medical community, et al… and while dealing with terminal cancer. He passed this afternoon, and the world mourns his death. As Dr. Malone just said on Bannon’s War Room, we are poorer for his passing, but richer for having him in life.

WAY TOO FEW medical professionals were willing to risk it all to go against the wave of medical tyranny committed by their fellows who just rolled over for the globalist agenda.

Dr Z was one of those who went against the tyranny, and did it early enough to shape the course of how history played out. His impact will still ripple for many years to come.

The great doctor has passed away, but his memory lives on. Thousands were saved by his role as a doctor and millions more by his words.

Wonderful bedside manner, gentle nature, and someone that gives hope for humanity.

I’m happy to see Steve Bannon giving tribute to him during this afternoon’s War Room. Played a lovely vid of Zelenko sharing his message about life, set to music and gorgeous scenes of waterfalls, waves, etc.

When history writes about the crime of bioweapon Covid and the way the medical community writ large were too afraid or selfish to stand up against the globalists/Big Pharma and tell the truth, instead giving the death jab to many, Zelenko’s name will be in the pantheon of the few who did. God bless his soul.

The Zelenko Protocol has saved the lives of untold numbers of those afflicted with the CCP bioweapon.

“Dr Zelenko passed away today after a 4 year battle with a rare form cancer, he was informed in 2018 that it was 100% terminal. He once stated, “I have been made ready to meet God.  I fear nothing on this earth.” – Jack Posobiec