All the so-called “TV Legal Experts” who are offering their opinions on how THEY would have done this differently, I say SIT DOWN.

They are NOT privy to all the information Durham has, and it costs them nothing to shoot off their mouths about what Durham “should be doing.”

These “Armchair Generals” are entitled to their opinion, yes. But they should also understand that they don’t know everything Durham does. Period.

Below from Brian Cates:

Until today, the last public entry on the USA vs. Danchenko court docket was on May 23.  

Everything in RED wasn’t revealed until today. 

The entire time people were claiming Durham was wrapping it up and getting ready to shut down, all this court activity was going on in utter secrecy. 

No leaks.


Igor Danchenko is under a protective order granted by Judge Trenga on June 22.  

No leaks.

Just Human:

“LOL! at everyone who bought the nonsense that Durham was done, winding down, lacking funds, etc. 

Take note of who tried to sell that narrative to you and don’t buy anything else they are selling unless it comes with receipts.”

You can keep track of the Special Counsel’s Office here: 

Docket for United States v. Danchenko, 1:21-cr-00245 –

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You can keep track of developments in the Danchenko case here: