Trump was greeted with a red carpet in Saudi Arabia.

I kept saying that the prince wouldn’t meet with this dried up penis wrinkle but now that I see that he actually fist bumped, and the lavender carpet instead of a red carpet, no royal at tarmac, I think the public shaming is even better than not meeting with him at all- I sit corrected 🎩” – Karli Bonné, Midnight Rider

Jake Sullivan sits at the ready with Joe’s NOTES 🤣🇸🇦

Devin Nunes discusses why he left Congress for Truth Social. He says the ability to have basic communications is the #1 issue facing our country. 

“If you cannot have basic communications in this country, the whole entire country is destroyed.” 

That’s exactly right. This is an information war. Without a platform, our hands are tied. 

He also points out that the 2020 election was stolen, in large, by shutting down our voices. That won’t happen again, IMO. 

Game over, bitches.