Kari Lake -> Female version of Trump

Meghan McCain deleted a tweet where she called Kari Lake a “qanon bitch” 😂

I’m not surprised she’s triggered over Q, considering her dad was one of the ultimate Q proofs.

In response, TheStormHasArrived on Telegram and TRUTH posted this:

“Here’s the video that prompted Meghan McCain to call Kari Lake a “QAnon bitch” 😂 

Meghan’s extreme level of triggered lib makes me so happy. 

Kari: “She’s irrelevant and she’s part of that establishment swamp section of the Republican Party… and they know their days are numbered. They know it’s over and like a rabid dog who’s been cornered, she’s thrashing around and trying to throw a fit.”💥 

I love this woman.”


Just let it sink how savage that was.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Meghan McCain – female version of her traitor dad.

    Marine calls for John McCain’s Arrest and Trial for Treason

    When John McCain was put to death

    Mark Taylor says that John McCain was executed

    McCain tried and executed under military law

      1. I remember telling a friend who lives in Arizona about John McCain being executed for treason and she didn’t believe me. I thought it was common knowledge, but I guess not. Let’s just say that I believe that McCain was executed for treason. We have to remember that a military trial is not the same thing as a criminal trial or civil trial. I don’t think that the military (as in a military tribunal) has to report anything to the media.

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