“To date, the Government has produced to the defense over 5,000 documents in classified discovery and nearly 61,000 documents in unclassified discovery. The Government believes that the 5,000 classified documents produced to date represent the bulk of the classified discovery in this matter,” Durham told the court in early May.

The judge ruled in June that “the information is properly classified.”

Durham discovered that Danchenko was investigated by the FBI as a possible “threat to national security,” according to documents declassified by then-Attorney General William Barr.

Fiona Hill, who worked at the Brookings Institution with Danchenko for years before joining Trump’s National Security Council, introduced Danchenko and Steele a decade ago, and Durham says she introduced Danchenko and Dolan in early 2016.” 




Why a protective order for Igor Danchenko? 

Because I suspect that MANY of these people getting 1 of these 30 trial subpoenas that Durham is going to send them are really freaking surprised they are being called to testify in this case under oath in front of a jury.  

They’re wondering if Danchenko gave anything away in pretrial meetings.  The defense does have to show the prosecution the evidence it intends to offer at trial.  

Some of these subpoenaed witnesses probably want to call Danchenko up and grill his ass about why they’re suddenly getting a subpoena.  They know calling Durham wouldn’t get them anywhere.  

“Nobody even knows I was involved. I’m in the clear and…WTF?! I gotta go testify now? WHO FREAKING TALKED??!!!”  

What was classified is no longer classified, see.