Presidential Drugs?

Someone once said:

“The Doctors are America’s drug dealers, the pill pushers. The pharmaceutical companies create the addicts, making them repeat customers. We take more drugs than any other country.”

Tucker: Dr. Jill Gave Joe Biden Pills Before Public Appearances, Spoke Like a Child Without Them

“How did he manage to get through the campaign? … it turns out, we learned later, his staff, supervised by Dr. Jill, his wife, was giving him pills before every public appearance… at a certain hour, giving him a dose of something… We spoke directly to someone who was there and saw it happen multiple times… before taking the medication; this person said Biden was, quote, ‘like a small child, you could not communicate with him. He changed completely because he was on drugs.’”

What drug would do this?

Is it true that, as one observer said, “Biden has a nurse that travels with him with a case full of drugs for him to take.” But as we know, a physician travels with him at all times as every president does.

Did Trump know Biden was taking performance enhancing drugs during the debates? Didn’t Trump say something about a drug test before a debate? Didn’t Trump ask for drug tests? Was Trump dropping hints? Did he know what was going on? Trump’s been right about everything so far. Every thing.

BBC, WP, Bloomberg,  Independent UK, NBC, Fox, and MANY more media outlet headlines on Sept 27, 2020: 

“Trump says he’ll demand Biden take a drug test before debate.”

What kind of pill can make you talk better if you are a grown man and talk like a small child?

Someone offered: “This is exactly what I’ve been saying since he was campaigning. When an Alzheimer’s patient is in the early stages you can give them drugs that put them in a zone of functioning, but when they are coming out of that window they can be combative, delusional, hostile and they revert to their true state.  I cannot even imagine how much work it must be to maintain him and get him ready for public appearances. Personally I think it’s abusive to him how he is being used and it’s abusive to do this to the American people. 🤬”

Are there hidden medications we don’t even know exist and what they can do?

So who’s running the show? Whose idea was this? Some think it was the first half-black president.

Someone who admitted to not being a physician but who nevertheless worked peripherally with Pharma said, “Ritalin has a quick effect and boosts mental activity. It also has side effects of hostility and dry mouth which you see with Biden all the time. Similar to patients in assisted living facilities. He also gets the “stare” and doesn’t blink frequently. Then you see him start to crash. I think that’s why you rarely see him hang around after speeches.”

Another who has had experience with a family member with dementia said,

“My father in law had dementia bad… for several years they used pills on him to attempt to control it… it made him pee and poop his pants but for a while it did slow it down. But eventually the meds stop working. We are seeing that clearly with Biden now. The bouts of anger are all part of it. Those meds give brief periods of lucidness, but that diminishes. That’s why they take him home on weekends, because he most likely has Sun Downers. That can be difficult to control unless they knock him out and keep him sleeping! 

This man should be nowhere near our WH!”

Another offered this, “I learned a couple of years ago he was on Donepezil (Aricept) & Mementine (Namenda). They’re both approved drugs for the treatment of Dementia. They would have to be prescribed by his physician. So that begs the question, why was this hidden from the public? His physician should have disclosed this information in his physical which is public information.”

As one patriot said, “This movie is getting some serious twists and turns. I may skip the popcorn and have a binge week of chocolate.”

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. That BRAIN has been MUSH for a very long time. When will we get him pushed aside so we can deal directly with OBAMA?

  2. During the Trump/Biden debate in 2020 I told my husband that Biden seemed different–more alert–like he must have been on something. From what I saw during Biden’s campaign, and the debate–two different mental states.

  3. Some people believe that the mr potato head you’re seeing is not even him.
    I’m in hospice care and have been a dementia specialist for over 15 years
    I called it way before anyone was paying attention and I was shut down immediately by everyone I know except other dementia workers.
    His pig wife should be charged with elder abuse and…I agree with what crackhead son of Mr potato head has called her

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