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Chatter on Telegram:

…communication with Steve Bannon prior to J6. Amerling insists that these individuals are relevant simply because they also believed the election to have been stolen. #WitchHunt

Bannon Courtroom reports:

Strhess420🍊, [Jul 20, 2022 at 10:48:10 AM]:

The issue of executive privilege is raised. Since Donald J. Trump held the privilege, the defense argued in the letter that he did not have to comply with the subpoena due to sensitive information. The committee rejected the defense’s privilege.  

The government now publishes government Exhibit 5 into evidence, a letter from Chairman of the J6 Select Committee from Bennie Thompson on behalf of the committee to the defendant, reminding Bannon that he’s obligated to comply to the subpoena, or otherwise will be subjected to contempt. The letter says that Bannon’s “inappropriate” use of President Trump and privilege is [insufficient]. Thompson writes regardless of any privilege purported by Trump, Bannon must comply with the subpoenas.

The J6 committee urged that Bannon was willfully noncompliant. 

🚨 The Judge wants to again tell the Jury  that the PURPOSE of showing this letter is simply to show the committee’s POSITION. Judge reiterates that this letter does not by any way mean that the contents are true.