Both parties are back in the courtroom. Anticipation weighs in the air. Reporters clacking away on their laptops. #BannonTrial

🚨 There’s a report announced in the media room that there’s a verdict.

Jury finds Steve Bannon guilty on both counts.

Both misdemeanors – could get 30 days to a year for each.

Bannon will be sentenced Oct. 21. Parties are asked to get recommendations to Nichols by Oct. 14. Bannon ordered to report to probation today. #BannonTrial



In his 47-minute closing, defense attorney Evan Corcoran said, “None of us will soon forget Jan 6 … but there is no evidence Steve Bannon was involved in it at all.” But that is not what the case is about. “Put Jan. 6 out of your thoughts. (The case) is about a subpoena.”

Corcoran: “Steve Bannon is innocent of the crimes he is charged with. The evidence shows he is innocent.” He went into technical aspects of the subpoena and Amerling’s testimony. #BannonTrial

Corcoran: The idea that on his #WarRoom show the day before he said “All hell is going to break loose” is meaningless when considering many in the media “predicted the same thing.” He said: “What Mr. Bannon and his attorney Mr. Costello made was a mistake, it was not a crime.”

“I know you are going to find that the government failed to make its case beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said, citing an “example that should give you pause” when … Amerling did not follow “a rule that governs the use of subperonas.” #BannonTrial

Corcoran said Bannon was never provided with “Section B” when he received the subpoena. Paragraph 11 states “a witness shall not be required to testify without being provided Section 3B. (Bannon) was not provided that.” #BannonTrial

Prosecutors objected, Nichols overruled but cautioned Corcoran to “tie this to an issue.” Corcoran continued:“You must give Steve Bannon the benefit of the doubt.” More objections ensued. There was a 4-minute sidebar. #BannonTrial

Corcoran: To be valid, subpoena must be signed. He showed Oct. 7 letter from Thompson to Costello. Then showed Sept. 23 subpoena. “The signature is not the same. One … is different than the other. That is doubt. There is reasonable doubt whether Chairman Thompson signed” it.

Corcoran continued, “and if you’re wondering if the signature is legit …” eliciting more objections and inducing 3-minute sidebar. Afterwards, he told the jury … “You are the sole judge of the credibility of witness. What are the key things to consider?” #BannonTrial

Corcoran: “Consider whether a witness has an interest in the outcome and a friendship with anybody connected with the case. Does Ms. Amerling have an interest in the outcome? Of course she does. She has been doing committee work for Democrats in Congress for 20 years.” #Bannon

Court is back in session at 2:46 pm. Verdict on both counts: GUILTY #BannonTrial