BioClandestine, Jul 21, 2022

Newsweek Mirroring My Reporting

CHECK THIS OUT! I know Newsweek follows me, because they write hit pieces about me. But now they are mirroring my content? Just as I said the media should be paying attention to Putin sayin the Western globalist world order will be replaced, about 6 hours after I wrote my Substack article, Newsweek comes out with their own take on Putin’s speech…

Newsweek must have taken some inspiration from my reporting on Putin’s speech at the “Strong Ideas for a New Time” conference. 

Newsweek are mirroring my reporting. I was 12+ hours late to reporting on Putin’s speech because I was handling some business in DC yesterday, and the western media didn’t start reporting on Putin’s speech until 6+ hours after I reported on it. 

See the details for yourself in my article!

Mind you, this speech happened early yesterday morning, over 24 hours ago. I was 12+ hours late to reporting on it, not until last night. The western media didn’t mention this speech until I reported on it. 

I pointed out I was surprised the media weren’t reporting on it, because they could easily spin this towards their narrative. Putin declaring hes destroying the Western world order and replacing it with a multi-polar order… seems newsworthy right? 

Lo and behold, Newsweek jumps right in line. They even show the impactful quotes DIRECTLY calling out “liberal globalism” and it’s characteristics of “totalitarianism”.

Take a look for yourselves. Eventually, the Western media won’t be able to keep all of this under the rug. It’s coming to light!

Compare and contrast my most recent Substack article and the Newsweek article and tell me what you think!