Woke up early this morning and before I even made it out of bed, I reached over and began reading the Russian military channel MoD Russia on Telegram, the Russian Defense (sic) Ministry’s report on the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine.

Now I understand if some of you will say this is Putin/Russia propaganda, and maybe it is. But maybe it isn’t. I’m understanding that what’s going on in Ukraine is a cleansing. The Russian Federation Army is wiping out the Nazi Azov Battalion and paid mercenaries who are holding Ukraine citizens hostage in Zelensky’s desperate attempt to deliver to his paymasters, the globalists here in the US and worldwide who have used Ukraine as their playground long before John McCain died.

Putin and Trump have known that Ukraine is Ground Zero for Weaponized Biolabs and I strongly suspect (believe) Trump gave his assent to Putin to go in and do a complete lavage of the cancer within.

Remember the soccer ball?

Coincidentally (or is it Divine intervention?) the next thing I’m reading is from BioClandestine who is tracking the same thing I’m seeing. (Read my previous post).

He’s saying the world’s nations are in realignment. A fully corrupt NATO is on the way out. Agreements made post WW11 no longer stand. Our once allies have undermined the US for decades, while those we (the corporate media) were convinced were our enemies are now emerging as our partners. The world order is shifting with the times. BRICS nations are emerging as our allies. BRICS (acronym) was formed in 2011 and includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and S. Africa.

Take a look at this from Clandestine:

The Rise of BRICS Should Have EVERYONE’S Attention

Maria Zakharova from the Ministry of Foreign affairs with some powerful words confirming my assertion on the rise of BRICS, providing a worthy alternative to NATO and the Western world order. Read her the transcript below, then meet me at the bottom for analysis.

Maria Zakharova from the Ministry of Foreign affairs with some powerful words confirming my assertion on the rise of BRICS, providing a worthy alternative to NATO and the Western world order, and their intent to rid the world of the “Liberal Globalist” ideology. 


It’s either Kumbaya or nuclear fallout. 

Check out the transcript and my analysis here!



“American officials in recent days, as if on cue, are trying to convince everyone and, it seems, themselves, that Russia is in ‘complete isolation’ and separated from ‘the rest of the world.’

If they consider themselves ‘the rest of the world’, then probably. Only this is not the result of isolation, but the self-isolation of Washington, Brussels and London.

Yes, the US satellites are ready to support any adventure of Washington. But if you look at things soberly, then most of the world’s states do not support anti-Russian sanctions and seek to maintain normal relations with Russia. Today’s reality is multipolarity. Moscow, together with its BRICS partners, represents an attractive alternative to the notorious Western ‘rules-based world order.’

So with the ‘cancellation of Russia’, the White House did not succeed and will not succeed. To ‘defeat’ us, ‘tear the economy to shreds’, ‘put us on our knees’, is too tough for America.”

Now, whether you support Russia or not, this should have the attention of every single human being on Earth.

In response to the corruption and “Liberal-Globalist” western oligarchy, the nations of Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, soon to be joined by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey; are now forming against NATO and standing up to the US, in unison with Russia.

For many, this is exciting. For all the brainwashed Western sheep who haven’t figured it out yet, this should be the most terrifying thing you’ve ever heard. The Eastern world are forming a coalition against the Globalist Western entities. Nations representing 3.5+ BILLION people, and have significant military and nuclear capabilities are swearing to destroy Obama, Biden, Hilary and Soros…. where is the panic from the MSM? Why aren’t they sounding the alarm?

Why? Because all of this leads to the origin for the escalation of this global conflict and war in Ukraine. All of this stems from the bioterrorism committed by the US DNC and their globalist allies who created and released C19. That’s what this is about. This is the free world standing up to the globalists in response for them releasing biological weapons.

C19 opened the door for every single Globalist leader to enact emergency powers, circumvent all legislation, and implement a totalitarian police-state under the guise of “public health”. C19 gave the globalist complete control of the world. Now the world is fighting back.

This story is not going away. The lines in the sand are being drawn. Sides are being taken. The Eastern world have zero interest of having their lives put at risk by globalists unleashing bioweapons for political gain.

So the US as a whole will eventually have a choice:

A) Continue to ignore the East and their allegations which will eventually lead to kinetic global warfare against China, Russia, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and more…


B) Take the East’s allegations seriously, help Russia clean up Ukraine, hand over Obama, Hilary, Biden, Soros, and all other perpetrators to be tried before an international military tribunal for crimes against humanity, rid the West of the Globalist filth, and rebuild the world under a new vision free of the liberal globalist ideology and corruption, in coalition with Russia, China and the rest of the East.

Idk about you all, but I’m picking option B. If you’d rather pick option A, take your happy-ass to the front lines, and you fight Russia and China. And I’ll tell you right now, the US MIL have ZERO intention of suffering a single causality and risking nuclear fallout, to protect Hilary, Biden and Obama from their crimes against humanity.

It’s only a matter of time, but all of the leadership of the DNC, they are dead men walking. AND THEY KNOW IT.


See Zakharova’s speech here.