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“Just one more thing… have you asked the right f*cking questions?” – Columbo


FBI AGENT BRIAN AUTEN handled the first Danchenko interview.

Auten is claiming he didn’t know that Steele’s PSS for his fake dossier wasn’t Russian-based like it said in the FISA warrant.  He’s claiming he didn’t find out Danchenko actually lived in the US until shortly before that first Jan. 2017 interview.  

And when asked why the FISA warrant on Carter Page [and the Trump campaign] had it stated as a material fact that the PSS was “Russia-based”, Auten whines hey it’s not his job to decide what does or does not go into a FISA warrant.

Durham drops 30 trial subpoenas. 

All of a sudden Just The News ‘stumbles’ over Meadow’s memo at the National Archives ‘proving’ the DOJ hid key RussiaGate declasses for 2 years. 


You know Durham has been intimiately investigating how Auten and Thibeault and Co. at FBI HQ were pulling all this shit back in 2016/17.

It’s not coming up as an issue and Grassley is not throwing a massive spotlight on it unless he got the signal from Durham “OK…unleash Hell!”

None of this stuff is really new.  SpyGate researchers have known about most of this for years.

Meadow’s memo was not classified.  It’s been sitting in the National Archives waiting to play it’s role.  Somebody sent Just The News to go fetch it and publicize it now.

While I didn’t know Auten and Thibault’s names until recently, the roles these FBI HQ officials played in the FISA warrant and their Danchenko interview activities was known since Inspector Horowitz’s 2019 FISA Abuse report was released.  

But somebody is throwing a spotlight on it now for some reason. 

I suspect Durham’s investigation has reached a stage that a very public Congressional inquiry into this based on revelations from whistleblowers won’t compromise any of his cases.  

If these whistleblowers are being allowed to speak to members of Congress, I’m thinking that means they’ve already testified to grand juries as part of Durham’s probe.

“Trust Grassley.” 😉

“Trust Wray”.    😳

What if…nah…couldn’t be….could it?!

Whistleblowers’ Reports Reveal Double Standard in Pursuit of Politically Charged Investigations by Senior FBI, DOJ Officials | U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa

WASHINGTON – Multiple FBI whistleblowers, including those in senior positions, are raising the alarm..

WHOA whoa whoa whoa whoa…

The January 4th meeting with Kash, Miller, Meadows, and Trump was held because of a “foreign” issue that was directed toward our country?

NOT a session to plan for the upcoming J6 event???


And the talk about the national guard for J6 was just an afterthought?

What could that “foreign issue” regarding “some of the most serious national security threats we were facing” be at a time right after the stolen election took place??? 

Dirty Liz Cheney Is Caught Openly Lying About Trump’s Request for 20,000 National Guard on January 6

@ElectionEvidence 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲


Here’s how KASH described it:  

They started the Oval Office meeting discussing “some of the most serous national security threats we were facing…”

and it was after they were done discussing these serious national security threats that they pivoted to the setting up for Jan. 6

Chris Miller is even more explicit in what he says, even though he states he’s being exceedingly careful to choose his words so he doesn’t end up in jail, meaning this is still a classified nat. sec. matter.

Former Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller: “It was one of the serious kind of heavy meetings I’ve been in.  And it was a about a foreign threat that was directed towards the United States, which obviously we can’t talk too much about for fear of, you know, ending up in jail, and so I want to kind of be clear. The President as we were leaving says “Hey one more thing!” and we all sat back down and we discussed what was going on in January 6.”

Again, go back and WATCH this interview and LISTEN to what Kash and Miller actually say.


If the J6 Committee insists on digging into this Jan 4th meeting and subpoenaing all the records and documentation, what if they end up inadvertently exposing the “serious foreign national security threat directed towards the United States” that the Jan 4 meeting was actually about?

Christopher Miller does not want to end up in jail, so he made it clear when discussing the real reason for the Jan 4 meeting, the “foreign national security threat directed towards the United States” he was choosing words with extreme care. 

And he makes it clear that Trump asking for 20,000 National Guard for the Capitol grounds for Jan. 6 was like, an afterthought.  They were leaving and Trump goes “Oh hey guys, one more thing…!” and they all sit back down and discuss preparation for January 6.  

Kash makes that point too.

Catherine Engelbrecht discusses the coming story that’s more explosive than 2,000 mules.

“It involves enemies foreign and domestic… and it could rise to the level perceived to be an act of war.”

H/T Patel Patriot & Praying Medic

Were Trump, Millie, Miller and Kash discussing hostile actions  committed against the United States by a foreign power that rose to the level of an actual act of war in that January 4, 2021 meeting?  

Where the January 6 prep and the request for 20,000 NG troops was tacked on at the very end like an afterthought?  


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  1. Until one or more of them swing from the “yardarm” or “squeal” the MSM will not air the lies and how they did not uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, their sworn duty. GITMO isn’t enough unless they all hang or are shot for treason. On and On in this WOKE society and in the end they will get a slap on the hand in about 10 years. But it is good reporting and the Wait continues. NCSWIC

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