Will Bret Baier cough it up?

Kash says they reached out to Fox News hack Bret Baier’s staff to correct the record on Liz Cheney’s interview and got NO RESPONSE.

He says if Baier won’t correct the record, then he is just as culpable as the rest of the liars on the January 6th committee 🔥

Former Chief of Staff to the DOD and Special Assistant to 45th President, Kash Patel was back on the show today. We discuss the most recent Trump Rally, and the hard work Kash has been doing on campaign trail. We deep dive into the January 6th Committee and it’s crumbling narrative, the most recent updates from the Durham investigation and the most recent Axios article teasing the reimplementation of Schedule F for government workers.

Truly nothing better than Fox News getting called out (sound on 🔊)

Full interview: begins at 4:35 and ends at 42:46


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  1. I have never liked Baier and after his treatment of Trump during the first debate I have zero respect for him. He is one of them.

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