“President Trump came back to the Capitol like Caesar!”

Steve Bannon

HUGE THANKS TO MIDNIGHT RIDER Karli Bonné for posting clips with captions ❤️

He just keeps getting younger and younger!

Putting America First

Bring it back from the brink, the brink. Back from the brink

The people are poised to reject the rain of Biden Nancy Pelosi Chuck Shumer and the radical left in a momentous landslide

President Trump is talking about the crime and it’s very dark and very unnerving

His stories are dark, but people have to hear them

And get nasty and mean if we have too

This is important

The left’s narrative against the police is a lie – let’s call it the big lie

We need the largest increase in police in American history

Death Penalty

Takes to Xi about drug problem

Bam 💥

Almost all under democrat rule – amazing isn’t it

National Guard

Let them invite the homeless to encamp in their backyard soil their property attack their family and use drugs where the children are trying to play

(Just a note FOX is not showing this speech- but showed Pence’s speech earlier)

Helping the homeless-

Text Agenda


Concealed carry reciprocity

Sickies pushing sexual content in kindergarten or providing puberty blockers –  i’m not just engaged in acts of depravity but are breaking the law

Trump’s weightlifting story


The border

We have to do a good job in 2024

Many of those people have to be sent back – we have to fight for real border security

Trump wants LeBron James to become a woman and star on his women’s basketball team 😂

“They are poisoning our country”

(twice he’s spoken out and gave Kellyanne Conway a shout out. How much you wanna bet she’s working with him again?)

Dealing with three countries that wouldn’t take their criminals back.

People had to see it (the truth)

“I ran for president I won, I won the second time. I did better the second time.”

“May have to do it again – We have to straighten out our country.”


“No more Zuckerberg drop boxes”

(Kellyanne again – four times shout out)

“We are up against some of the most menacing forces, entrenched interests, vicious opponents people have ever seen or confronted.”

“People are not going to take it much longer. “there’s two sets of justice and we don’t have to go into it.”

“They wanna damage me so I can’t go back to work for you. Well I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

(Audience chants “4 More Years!”)

“Hacks and thugs” referring to J6 “unselect” committee

“I’m asked How do you take it? I said do I have a choice?”

“It’s my honor to do it.”

“This nation doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to you.”

Man on a Mission to Save Our County


“Thank you very much”