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Trump Authorized National Guard for Jan. 6 but Congress, DC Didn’t Request Its Use, Former Aide Says

A claim by the vice chair of the House Jan. 6 Select Committee that President Donald Trump didn’t …

Repost from June 25. Post reminds of this…

Trump posts on Truth about Adam “Schitt”.

Drop with “Schitt” said to watch Hannity.

Said “let your enemy dig their own grave”.

Trump post links to articles (one from Hannity) that show his enemies literally digging their own graves…






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LICENSED INVESTIGATOR, DAVID SUMRALL, ON ACCESS TO 14,000 HOURS OF FOOTAGE  Much to the dismay of Nancy Pelosi and the mockingbird media, who’ve been lying to the American people for over a year and a half, 14,000 hours of unseen footage from January 6th will soon be exposed to the light of day. 


It definitely doesn’t match the Mayor Muriel Bowser story we were sold…..bc she refused any National Guard that day, right?

And Pelosi declined it too?

All blame was put on the Capitol Police, if I remember correctly.

So this is a completely different situation!!!

And the DATE. That 2 DAYS PRIOR.

Again, not what we were told.

DC National Guard to support 

the DC GOVERNMENT…..that’s a new term for me??? DC GOVERNMENT. 

Not “the Capital”?

Or city of DC??


Is that referring to something different???

Here are names involved:

• Sec of Army (Flynn’s brother, right)

• Acting AG Rosen 

• Acting Sec of Def

• Rosemary Hart-Spec Counsel DOJ

• District of Columbia Government

Also, there’s that word “acting” again. Gotta go back & read if anything special was said about acting positions vs permanent appointed.

They knew exactly what was coming on Jan 6.

DOJ & Attorney General


Sec of Army

DOD & Sec of Defense

National Guard Bureau

Mayor & DC National Guard

Washington Metropolitan Police

Capitol Police

Park Police 

They all knew.

Here’s some docs found on DOJ website under FOIA requests…..

Special Deputation Requests

Emails backing up that DOJ was in charge Jan 6 & head of DC National Guard email replies

Here are the emails on DC National Guard & DOJ overseeing the Capital on J6 & the NG Activation 👀