Charlie Kirk & Kash Patel discuss the fact that the Hunter Biden & Durham investigations are habbening simultaneously. 

Kash explains, “this Hunter Biden investigation is very expansive. It involves the current POTUS. It doesn’t get more direct linkage to the Oval Office than that…

Who are the other cast of characters that helped them do it, because these two guys didn’t do it on their own…

Once indictments start coming, people get thrown under the bus… and you will quickly learn how expansive this investigation is, once the first indictment happens.” 

When does a bird sing?

Kash on Mark Levin show too…

Awakened Outlaw posted:

“I just listened to @Kash Patel on the @marklevinshow today & he made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that President #Trump authorized the use of the #NationalGuard troops (10K) due to concerns about the #J6 event 

The key, however, is that once authorized the troops have to be requested by the governing authority such as Mayor Bowser, Pelosi and her Capitol Police.  

The offer was denied.  


But the Dem Cmte won’t ask to #Kash testify publicly b/c it destroys their narrative.”