I’ve developed a habit of waking up, and popping on some old school cartoons whilst waking up. 

It’s no wonder we are all Memegicians having been raised on this shit….

I mean seriously – Bugs Bunny might be one of the biggest trolls in history. 🤣😂🤣


BREAKING: Pelosi seen flying over Taiwan. Stunning footage.

🇺🇲⚡️Flightradar24 has restricted access to view the location of Nancy Pelosi’s plane

 Earlier, the plane landed at the Honolulu airport, and almost 100 thousand people watched the flight of the speaker of the US House of Representatives.


Quick… seal the borders

So they could say they were among the last to see it?

We are watching it in hopes it disappears from the radar forever…! Crash & burn baby!

I bet they offload everyone and remote fly the plane to WW3

After the plane is shot down, within the wreckage, they will discover Russian Vodka, ice cream containers and viles of Botox.

How much gas is being consumed?

Remember, it’s a movie. Got popcorn?

I just hope the Chinese have good aim.