The evolution of war over thousands of years.

The following was reposted by Gen. Mike Flynn:

“The war on the unvaccinated was lost”

We should all be very thankful for those that stood up to the medical tyranny… we’re not done.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. As an unvaccinated, I take no pleasure in this, though I am glad people are awakening as a result. My heart breaks for all those suffering the effects of the jab, and I regret deeply that I could not dissuade more.

    1. It is heartbreaking to know how many took the Vax out of Great Fear, and are now dealing with life altering diseases and illnesses caused by the VAX, and many are dying and have died already, yet still cannot say ‘no’ to continuous medical abuses.
      We are still losing children and young, once healthy adults every single day. Pray for parents of the very young to have Courage and Wisdom to see and stand up for Truth.

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