You have to SHOW the people

Eddie Bravo nails the plan and devolution in this clip. 

You have to show the people. 

“Devolution would be the counter to the New World Order. How do you wake people up? Four years of constant battering to wake people up. Everyone wanted the arrests to go down. But now looking back, that would have done nothing.  If they arrested Pelosi, etc… they got 10 demons waiting in line for each position. Arrests mean nothing. We need to change the system.

How do you deal with the population under hypnosis? And devolution seems like the only legit plan…..”

In other words: This was not simply another four year election but returning power back to the people.  If the people do not wake up, they would never recognize the hidden bonds that have been on them this whole time. It had to be this way.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. First we have too many ppl that are in the dark and never see anything. You have ppl that will believe anything and everything except their viewpoint is the right one. There are stubborn ones who stay loyal to their party because they have always supported the party.

    Years ago there was a discussion among relatives about the current political situation. My uncle learned that my husband & I were Republican. He says to us: “Y’all must be rich”. I looked strangely at him and said “Not by a long shot. We are just smart” & I laughed. He didn’t. My dad was a Republican for as long as I can remember. It was his brother that made the remark that as Rep. we must be rich. Mother didn’t want to talk politics because it would usually go on for too long. She was raised in a Democratic family and they were hard core.
    So I grew up with a Republican & a Democrat. My dad was a smart man (valedictorian of his class) and I always believed him to be the most reasonable when it came to many topics. Mother is still living at 91 and she told me not long ago to be careful what I said about Trump because her sister who is a Democrat would get mad in a flash. Seriously. I was so glad I didn’t laugh out loud. No matter what I still love all the family with all my heart.
    Sorry, I started thinking of how different we are, but no matter what party you follow, do it with pride. And support when you can. It also boils down sometimes too if you have a heart & love your country.


    1. This isn’t a party struggle. This isn’t about Trump. This is about a decades old, or centuries old, world- wide system of corruption. This is good v. evil and it is truly Biblical. Align yourself with the world Patriots who are fighting for TRUTH.

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