Trump knows. He’s ALWAYS known.

Brian Cates notes:

Just came across this in my archives. 

Want moar proof the military is on to Biden and has been since day one? 

The Presidential Salute is 4 guns and 21 shots in rapid succession. 

Biden got 3 guns and a 10 second pause between shots fired. 

Biden got the salute reserved for Foreign Dignitaries.

Now …. Are we to believe the military all of a sudden forgot which gun-salute to give an incoming President? I don’t think so. 

The odds of that are near zero. 

What we saw was a very clear sign.

This was the military directly hinting that they know Biden is a foreign agent.

Let’s add this to the pile, too. 

Because Generals always hide their ribbon stacks while welcoming a new POTUS and VPOTUS. *rolls eyes* 

No. It’s because those two weren’t worthy to be seen with that ribbon stack during such a prestigious event. Yet another sign.

The Military doesn’t just forget tradition, folks.

Regardless of the fact that whatever plane POTUS is onboard is always known as “Air Force One”, can we all agree that this is, in no way, normal?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. “America is likely ruled by the military loyal to Trump in this moment. This scenario would be perfectly consistent with what Biden, or most likely the military, has done in foreign policy matters.

    “Biden withdrew troops from Afghanistan and increased sanctions against China, while the international finance and the deep state asked him to do otherwise.

    “All these events seem to suggest that someone else is in charge in the White House and it is not Joe Biden. Neither is it the deep state. Someone else is in control and this someone is not following the deep state agenda.

    “We needed to introduce this geopolitical and historic reconstruction because it could be quite important to put into context what happened recently in the South China Sea.

    “As was mentioned before, the USS Connecticut did not hurt any object.

    “According to the Pentagon source who has reached out to us, there was a military confrontation between this submarine and the Chinese military near the Spratly Islands.

    “The USS Connecticut was assigned a secret mission, which was to destroy the system communications of a Chinese military base in one of the islets of this sea zone.

    “Once the submarine reached the coast where the base was located, it launched a missile against the target.

    “Apparently, the mission was successful because the base was destroyed. However, China reacted and launched a counteroffensive against the American submarine that was damaged by the Chinese attack.”

    –Cesare Saccetti, from this article (October 2021):

    There was a military confrontation between China and the US in the South China Sea

    Joe Biden is China’s Bitch. Why would China’s Bitch destroy the communications system of a Chinese military base? He didn’t. The U.S. Military loyal to President Trump destroyed that Chinese military base.

    The Lord has Satan on a very short leash: if Satan does something it is because the Lord allowed it to happen. If China’s Bitch does something it is because President Trump allowed it to happen.

  2. LOVE this Great Post. Trump Always Knew and OUR MILITARY KNOWS ALL. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! BIDEN has NEVER BEEN ON AIR FORCE ONE! This has been OBVIOUS from the beginning! Never Dioubt God’s Intentions for our Country, God’s Israel, and Never Doubt President Trump’s GREAT LOVE FOR THE USA! He has sacrificed so much for OUR FREEDOM!

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