Brian Cates notes:

Just came across this in my archives. 

Want moar proof the military is on to Biden and has been since day one? 

The Presidential Salute is 4 guns and 21 shots in rapid succession. 

Biden got 3 guns and a 10 second pause between shots fired. 

Biden got the salute reserved for Foreign Dignitaries.

Now …. Are we to believe the military all of a sudden forgot which gun-salute to give an incoming President? I don’t think so. 

The odds of that are near zero. 

What we saw was a very clear sign.

This was the military directly hinting that they know Biden is a foreign agent.

Let’s add this to the pile, too. 

Because Generals always hide their ribbon stacks while welcoming a new POTUS and VPOTUS. *rolls eyes* 

No. It’s because those two weren’t worthy to be seen with that ribbon stack during such a prestigious event. Yet another sign.

The Military doesn’t just forget tradition, folks.

Regardless of the fact that whatever plane POTUS is onboard is always known as “Air Force One”, can we all agree that this is, in no way, normal?