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Brian Cates pointed this out:

First thing you  need to know: this is how the laying of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is actually done.

I want you to pay special attention to what’s happening at 48 seconds into the video.

Trump lays wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

On the eve of the Trump era in the White House, the president-elect crossed the Potomac for a special ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. Watch as President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence pay homage to America’s military.

Barack Obama

I want you to pay special attention to what’s happening at 2 minutes, 13 seconds of the video.

And notice who’s not present.

George Bush

I want you to pay special attention to what’s happening at 9 seconds of the video.

Now….here’s Joe Biden supposedly doing the same ceremony you just watched 3 times. 

Now, let me throw you for a loop.  

2 months ago, this ceremony was held again in May. 

Guess what happened this time?  

After not letting him place the wreath in 2021, in 2022 Biden gets to do the correct ceremony.  

He gets to touch the wreath while the soldier backs it into place. 

Why didn’t they let him do that last year with Kamala at his side, and why this year does he get to place the wreath by himself while Kamala stays standing next to Sec Def Austin?  

Very interesting question, no?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Please tell us your thoughts. The time/seconds were not showing so I wasn’t sure what to pay special attention to.

    I saw this:

    1) Pence was beside Trump
    2) Biden not with Obama
    3) Bush helps carry the wreath
    4) Harris is not with Biden
    5) Harris with Biden but does not approach wreath.

    Please solve the puzzle 🙂
    It is sad to see those who stand there representing leaders of our country. It will be a great day when such a solemn event can be held with true honor.

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