She looks like hell. Her face is literally melting in front of our eyes.


This is one hell of a farewell retirement tour Nancy is engineering for herself here.

Keep in mind Nancy  knows what’s coming in November.  She knows 35+ House Democrats are not running for reelection and the GOP only has to flip about 4 seats to take control.  

What does that mean if she’s still there?  

It means she hands the gavel over to a new GOP Speaker of the House.  And she gets watch the payback for 4 years of abusive behavior, fake impeachments, the J6 fiasco rolled out while she’s powerless to stop it.

Can you hold an election and change leadership in wartime?  This seems to be the argument that Democrats are about to attempt.

Will anybody buy it though?

PS – Of course she is going on Tuesday so eyes will be on her and off the primaries because they are going to lose in a big way!  #Redwave