You may not care about the information war.

You may not want to be in the information war. 

I’m sorry, but you are. All of us are. 

The information war wants YOU. It wants your MIND. 

Guard your mind.

–Just Human


EO 13961 (Dev EO) has an entire section on Secure Comms. Trump amended Obama’s EO and by doing so, removed the interagency process for emergency comms through the exact system FEMA now says can be “hacked.”

Note: Trump amended the communication process under the “War powers of President” section of the USC 👀 

Reminder: EO 13961 is a COG EO based in context of war and National Defense.

Is FEMA setting the table to claim “hack” if Dev comms come out?

Midnight Rider Channel 🇺🇸

Has anyone been held accountable for crossfire hurricane- Wray- We are working closely with and Cooperating closely with And assisting the Durham investigation


This is good news. 

Once some of y’all are done REACTING to it, you’ll think on it and UNDERSTAND that this is good news.

Clickbait news gonna clickbait over it, though. — Just Human

More good answers from Wray. 

“You’re asking about an ongoing investigation that I expect our folks to pursue aggressively and I just can’t comment on.”

When asked whether the FBI has the laptop in its possession, Wray said, “Again, I can’t discuss that, an ongoing investigation.”

Trust Wray. It’s always been this way. When have you ever seen law enforcement anywhere have a presser and tell all the inside info on a case before that case is at the least in court and most often not until it’s completely over. People need to get a grip and stop  hating on everyone. Especially people whose hands are tied by Grand Jury’s and Special council investigations.